Level 120 High Elf Templar
Level 120 High Elf Templar
Level 120 Barbarian Inquisitor
Level 120 Kerra Channeler
Level 95 Dark Elf Shadowknight
Level 100 Dark Elf Necromancer
Level 99 Froglok Mystic
Level 120 Erudite Coercer
Level 110 Wood Elf Troubador
Level 110 Fae Fury
Level 120 Froglok Mystic
Level 120 Gnome Swashbuckler
Level 110 Wood Elf Illusionist
Level 120 High Elf Coercer
Level 95 Freeblood Illusionist
Level 110 Kerra Swashbuckler
Level 120 Ratonga Defiler
Level 120 Human Dirge
Level 120 High Elf Dirge
Level 100 Erudite Wizard
Level 90 Ratonga Brigand
Level 120 High Elf Illusionist
Level 92 Half Elf Wizard
Level 120 Barbarian Paladin
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