About Grenricks Guidance

Rest in peace to a beloved member of Butcherblock Guild Alliance and a friend to us all....Twill and Elly

Grenricks Guidance is a family oriented light raiding Everquest 2 guild on the Butcher Block server.

If you are part of the guild welcome! Please click on Apply to Guild and answer these 5 questions.

Account Selection & Creation 2: Apply? 3: Launch Code "GGRocks" 4: Application >>> 5: Done!

When creating an account use your main characters name. IF that name is already taken put a 1 after your name. After being approved you MUST go to the "Guild Roster" and CLAIM ONLY their characters to be able to utilize all the features of our guild web site.


Are you looking to join our Butcherblock Guild Alliance (BGA)? Click Apply to Guild and answer the 5 question. Launch code is "GGRocks"

Your user name will be (name)–(guild initials). Sample: Deathrage from the guild Pink Bunny wants to join our alliance. His account name will be Deathrage-PB. After registering send Grenrick in-game mail with your newly created account name, characters name, race, sex, class and level. Grenrick will add your characters to your account so you can utilize all the features of our web site and sign up for raids. Also please read RAID within Grenricks, the link to your left.


BGA raid information coming soon. Web site being reworked (06/04/16)

Apply to raid

Count     33   35  
Day Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Guild Faydarks Ruthless Endeavor Grenricks Ruthless Endeavor Grenricks Ruthless Endeavor
Time 6:15 - 7:30   6:30 - 8:30   12:00 - 3:00  
Fighter Liepha   Holyguardian   Holyguardian  
Fighter Holyguardian   Liepha   Liepha  
Fighter     Kotti   Kotti  
Cleric     Shuu   Shuu  
Cleric     Lizzabet   Lizzabet  
Shaman  Hypozeuxis   Hypozeuxis   Hypozeuxis  
Shaman  Beeker   Beeker   Beeker  
Shaman  Asgirr   Asgirr   Asgirr  
Druid Jamisia   Jamisia   Jamisia  
Channeler Kendroth   Kendroth   Kendroth  
Coercer     Mezeri   Mezeri  
Coercer Phrenice   Phrenice   Phrenice  
Illustionist     Morgayne    Morgayne  
Dirge  Zictorb   Zictorb   Zictorb  
Dirge     Babyevil   Babyevil  
Dirge     Ememjr   Ememjr  
Dirge     Sangster   Sangster  
Dirge     Ulverrin   Ulverrin  
Troubador  Nicodeemouse   Nicodeemouse   Nicodeemouse  
Brigand  Poisons   Poisons   Poisons  
Brigand     Avagz   Avagz  
Brigand     Clawfoot   Clawfoot  
Swashy  Hachiman   Hachimann   Hachimann  
Assassin     Stabam   Stabam  
DPS     Chakaloso(wizard)   Chakaloso(wizard)  
DPS     Yabusame(Ranger)   Yabusame(Ranger)  
DPS     Gaviana(BL) Gaviana(BL)
DPS     Dasvir(Ranger)   Dasvir(Ranger)  
DPS     Bluedragon(necro)   Bluedragon(necro)  
DPS     Kiatta(wizard)   Kiatta(wizard)  
 On leave  Khloros        
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