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re: Warden Guide: ToT


First off, I welcome questions, comments and critics. Over the years I've learned a lot from discussions with other wardens and often changed my spec, gear mix, adorns, etc as a consequence of those talks. I encourage, even request questions about why I took this or that AA and not another, etc.

1. General Information on Wardens

Wardens are heal over time healers with a fair amount of group (mostly melee) buffage and a bunch of tricks to keep a tank alive. They perform best while meleeing by proccing wards, heals and damage reduction with melee hits and attacks and where they can stay close enough to their tank and groups to provide AoE and other short range group buffage. Being up close also allows infusion to proc damage on nearby mobs when the warden casts heals and other benificial spells. They are the defensive druid, having more tricks to keep a tank alive then the fury, though they tend to do less damage, especially on forced ranged fights.

2. Warden Strong Points
I have an inquisitor, mystic and defiler and the warden is the fastest casting healer of them all. With the fast casting speed and the amount of defensive tools, wardens have the ability to quickly react and recover when things unexpectedly go sideways. They bring strong group buffs and, with their myth buff, almost never run out of power. The warden's greatest strength will never show up in a parse though.. they have a huge potential to reduce the amount of incoming damage not only on their tank but on their entire group.

3. AA choices and why (with screenies)
To check out Jamisa on eq2u to see her full profile and all three builds: Jamisia

In raids, I'm generally in the Raid_ToT spec. I made the Solo_Tough_Heal spec for when I need to solo heal a tank with lots of incoming damage. The only difference is on the prestige page, where I went down the left, rather then the right, side to get a ward I can cast sort of 'on purpose' rather then just proccing.


STR Line:
10 in Nature Blade: solid damage melee attack, good for slipping in between heals. Also increases attack speed
2 in Wild Ferocity: Because dps is always good  / 2 in Tank Survive build so I have more points to send elsewhere
10 in Natural Boon:  40% chance to cast a group heal on melee hit. Free heals are always good!
1 in Primordial Strike: Another combat art, this one can't be blocked, parried, deflected or riposted

AGI Line:
12 in Calm and Charm Creature: mez and charm, they're in the way and need points in them to get to the good stuff below
10 in Wild Regeneration: Increases the intial tick of Healstorm and Photosynthensis by 30% and makes the healing happen faster. Very good stuff
1 in Tortoise Shell: Arguably the best AoE blocker in the game. 30 sec duration 1.5 min reuse. Also includes 100% block chance, so good even for the tank who generally doesn't benefit from the AoE block

WIS Line:
7 in Hierophantic Grasp: Second AoE

INT Line:
10 in Thornspike: Another melee art. Wardens are short on attacks, so more is good / Fewer in Tank Survive build because I mean be forced range
10 in Stormcaller's Control: Increases the base damage of spells by 10%. Also increases the melee conversions. Good stuff
2 in Stormvision: Increases casting skills. Wardens are primarily melee. These points are in here to get to the endline / More in Tank Survive build, because I may be forced ranged and using spells rather then combat arts
1 in Infusion: Magic hit on mob in range when warden casts a beneficial spell (buff or heal). Single target buff/heal = single mob hit, group buff/heal = 6 mobs hit, woot, stealth AoE!. Wardens can heal mobs to death! Good to get off a bit of dps even on heavy healing fights.

SF Line (bottom row):
8 in Natural Instincts: 8% accuracy. Great to make sure those auto-attacks hit for the heal procs and dps. Also nothing better given the above choices and melee nature of wardens
8 in Wild Protection: 2% damage reduction on Photosynthesis and Healstorm. This boost stacks between the two, so the tank comes away with 4% DR as long as the warden keeps both up. More DR = less healing to do and fewer deaths.
2 in Tunare's Grace: This is a must. Gives the warden another group cure (buffable on heroic page) that includes a substantial damage proc with 4 triggers for every detriment cured. Damage is awarded to the 'curee'. Check out Fury of the Storm on your parse if you've got a druid in your group.


Top Portion:
Melee conversions: Cast faster then our spells (fit in between heals better) and proc our heals on melee hit plus other warden melee goodness
Warden of the Forest: This an absolute must. It makes a warden as tough or tougher then a chain wearer. Important since we're right in the thick of things with the scouts.
Spores: Increases the trigger chance of our passive HoT... more free heals!
Spirit of the Bat: More agility for scouty goodness.
Death Interventions: We're wardens, we've got two! This makes them both better, because if we need them, we want them to be as good as possible.
Willow Wisp: Adds another hate position drop to our AoE deagg. If I've got aggro in a raid, I'm probably dead.. and nobody likes a dead healer.
Cure Enhances: Make cure curse cast faster.. for those cure curse or wipe senarios and Verdane Whisper for a small HoT on group cure.. more free heals
Ressurection Ehances: Need enough points to enable taking three in the expertise line and better ressurects are never bad.

Shatter Infections: Third group cure.. 8 sec duration that cures every second, but it's got a 1.5 min reuse
Nature Walk: Because nobody likes to be rooted! Plus slow effects are reduced.
Force of Nature: Increases wardens auto-attack

SF Line:
Vitality of the Great Bear: Improves sta boost of group buff and adds a permanent 10% block chance boost
Hierophantic Regeneration: Increases the healing of this big heal and reduces the power cost to the point that it regens more power then it costs, making it viable as a small power feed, even to the warden.
Skin Like Wood: Adds a small ward to the warden's smallest single target heal
Animal Instinct (raid): Improves warden's combat arts
Cyclone: 10 sec damage immunity.. one of the warden's big tank aid tools.


General: Health and Power
Litany of Combat (raid): Incrased dps while in dps stance, not in tank survive build, since it lacks dps stance
Protective Prayer: Increases the phsyical mitigation of group buff, because physical mit is the hardest to get

Elemental Mastery (raid): Improves damage of all elemental spells and combat arts
Hierophant's Protection: More hps for 2 group members
Wrath of Nature: High damage encounter spell that can be cast on the run

Aura of Health: 5% max health to any single person in raid
Chilling Winds: buffs all cold spells and combat arts
Elemental Barrier: Since wards are the only type of heals that really benefit from massive Potency (in ToT), having this big for fights with elemental damage is huge.
Glacial Assault/Nature's Aura: dps/heal stances

You'll note that I didn't take any of the AA that buffs specific heals on this page. With the current balance (imbalance?) between heals and hit points, HoTs and their ticks are already bigger then hit point pools. Making them still bigger doesn't help, since you can't heal the dead and you can't heal anybody more then their max hit points.


3 Attribute Prowess: primary stats convert to crit bonus and potency on the Prestige(Warden) page
10 Spirit and Body: With the massive incoming damage in ToT, more health is always good
10 Critical Genius: crit bonus is harder to get then potency in ToT
10 Enhance: Wrath of Nature: Makes the damage happen faster and adds an extra tick
10 Enhance: Tunare's Grace: Increase the cure power so it can take 2 dets off with a single cast, increases the range to 37.5m to cure people normally out of range and gives longer for the damage procs to be used
10 Spirit of Druidism: Non-shared group ward + ability mod + casting speed that procs off warden doing damage. even just auto-attacks. Free wards and buffage! With current potency levels, the ward is actually meaningful
Howling with the Pack: Heals group based on the damage the warden is doing. I primarily use it for it's ability to break control effects and make me immune to such effects for 20 seconds.


1 Dauntless Spirit: Extra hit points never hurt, but mostly just to get further down the line
1 Dauntless Spirit: Minor DR when hitpoints low... but solely to get further down the line
10 Sturdy Sacles: Increases effectiveness of worn armor - many of the biggest hits in ToT are physical, requiring mitigation. As a leather-wearer, more mit is good.

10 Intent Smiting: More dps when in dps stance
10 Litany of Destruction: even more dps when in dps stance
10 Uncontrollable Wrath: decent damage spell that can be cast on the run
Unyielding Retribution: As a warden my heals cast quickly, I can usually alternate CA/Heal/CA/Heal and keep UR up for the entire fight if there's no big pauses for jousts or loss of target. This increases the size of my heals and wards as well as my combat arts and auto-attack. Win all around.

                                          RAID                                                                                                                         SOLO TOUGH HEAL

3 Sunwall: 5% mitigation boost of worn armor to both Photosynthesis and Healstorm. Stacks between the two, so gives the tank a 10% mit boost, if maintained.
3 Brainstorm: As long as the warden is casting spells or using combat arts (does NOT proc off auto-attacks), this maintains 3% damage reduction on the group. This stacks between healers.
1 Luck of the Wild (Raid only): Increases trigger chance of spells by 12% of their base (not a flat 12%). I'd love to put more points in here, but there simply aren't enough points to go around.

So, just from the warden alone, group members can have 5% mit boost, 5% DR and the tank can have 10% mit boost and 7% DR. That's a lot of damage that is simply shrugged off...

1 raid/3 tank survive Winds of Growth: Applies a HoT to the two most damaged members within 50m. Decent heal, but no control of targets. Biggest pluses: It can be cast on the run and it casts faster then any other warden heal.
Pack's Instinct: Makes Instinct group-wide. dps proc, accuracy buff, melee skills buff and dps boost.. for EVERYBODY!!

Raid (right tree):
Blinding Sands: Adds a chance for AoE blocker and group stacking crit bonus boost to sandstorm. I've seen this proc in excess of 60 crit chance on the group when my tank is being swung at by a horde of mobs.
Sandstorm Mastery: When Sandstorm is up, all of the wardens combat arts have a chance to reset every time anybody in the group takes damage or is swung at.
Haste Mastery: Haste to Crit Bonus conversion... extra haste gives flurry AND crit bonus with this... win!
3 Windblade: Awesome multipurpose group buff. Base give group a chance for damage proc every spell or combat hit
3 Double Blades: adds a second equal hit to the damage proc of Windblade. Double the goodness.
2 Restoring Breeze: adds a trigger off spell or combat hit that heals the group member
3 Constant Winds: adds a 2.1 crit bonus boost off spell or combat hit that stacks to 21

Solo Tough Heal (left tree):
Phytocromatic Restoration: The ticks of Photosynthesis hit not just the target, but the two nearest allies. Free heals!
Phytochromatic Alacrity: Photosynthese (primary pt HoT) and Sylvan Touch (emergency pt heal) have a chance to reset Hierophantic Genesis.
Potent Restorer: Potency gives more potency. What's not to like?
3 Clearwater Current: 2% damage reduction (bring it up to 9% on the tank) plus a HoT that gets multiplicatively bigger up to 9x for the final tick.
3 Raging Current: Lowers the duration on Clearwater Current so the healing happens faster (and, more importantly, the ward from below applies sooner).
3 Constant Currents: If Clearwater Current expires, a ward is applied to the target. Clearwater current's duration is longer then it's recast (but NOT long enough to maintain on two people), so timing is important to get the ward. With current potency levels, the ward is generally 6-7 mil
Clearwater's Growth: Adds 2 Triggers to Infuriating Thorns, bringing the count up to 5 AND gives thorns a 10% chance to clear the reuse on Cyclone, the 10 second damage immunity.

Prestige (Warden)

1 Essence of the Great Bear VIII: Nicely improved version of the group buff and needed to get anything else, in any case
8 Imbued Sight: extra crit bonus from gear. Crit bonus is harder to get then potency in ToT, so any bit we can get is good
1 Accuracy from Strength: boosts crit bonus by 0.8% of primary stat (wisdom) while casting, so once a fight (or buffage) starts going, it's a nice boost to crit bonus
5 Undeniable Power: extra crit bonus from gear. More potency is always good
1 Power from the Soul: boosts potency by 0.8% of primary stat (wisdom) while casting, so once a fight (or buffage) starts going, it's a nice boost to potency
5 Weapon of the Mind: Potency from weapon damage bonus... more potency is always good
1 Vitality to Strength: 0.3% of stamina goes to weapon damage bonus. While auto-attack isn't as big in ToT, free dps is free dps

Note: I did not take either of the end-lines. Rage of the Wild is a direct heal, the least useful kind of heal, and has a long recast for a heal (30 sec with 100 reuse).  With two group HoTs, a warden should always have ticks running on the group and by the time they hit this, one (or both) of the group HoTs should have already ticked.
Cloak of Divinity has a short duration (10 sec) and long reuse (1 min with 100 reuse). There are very few fights where casting on the run is actually useful in ToT, so the points are better spent elsewhere.

Class Foci
The 10 bottom ones that improve our various spells plus Focus: Critical Damage since crit bonus is harder to get then potency in ToT.

4. Spells and Combat Arts discussion (the basics)
Healstorm: Bread and butter group HoT. With warden myth buff the ticks get bigger over time. With AA it has 2% damage reduction and 5% mitigation boost on it. Duration is 7.5 sec and recast is 6 sec, so it can be maintained all the time and the defensive boosts it gives makes it valuable beyond it's healing.
Winds of Healing: Initial hit is slightly bigger then Healstorm and it casts faster, but the successive ticks are significantly smaller. It's duration is 6 sec and it's recast is 3.7, but since this is a front-loaded HoT, overwriting isn't detrimental.
Winds of Growth: HoT that heals the two most damaged allies within 50 meters. While the warden has no control over who it heals, it casts fast and can be cast while moving.
Ward of the Untamed: Group elemetental ward. The ward amount is on each group member, not shared by all. Massively  useful on fights with big elemental AoEs. With a 36 sec duration and a 30 sec reuse, this can be maintained all the time on fights where it's useful.
Howling with the Pack: This is techinically a group heal that heals the group by 25% of all the direct damage the druid does and reduces damage done to the caster by 30%, but I primarly use it for it's other feature... It breaks control effects and makes the druid immune to Root, Stun, Stifle, Fear, Daze, Mes and Interupt for 20 sec

Single Target
Hierophantic Gensis: Big 36 sec HoT with a front load that ticks every 2 sec and has a small power feed. The recast is 1 min 15 sec, so I don't use it in my regular cycle, but it's great right before a joust, if I need another big HoT to bolster my normal rotation, a stun is coming in or for keeping those pesky lifeburning necros in the green.
Photosynthesis: Bread and butter single target HoT. Like Healstorm, the warden myth buff makes each tick increase and AA gives it 2% DR and 5% mit boost. These boosts STACK with the Healstorm boosts, so the warden's tank is getting 4% DR and 10% mit boost as long as both are kept up. Duration is 7.5 second and recast is 3.0, so some care needs to be taken NOT to overwrite the existing cast, since the ticks are increasing with time. (In super tank survivability build the subsequent ticks also heal the two nearest allies, but the buffs are not given to those who get the 'bonus' heal ticks)
Nature's Embrace: The initial hit of Nature's Embrace is slightly higher then Photosynthesis, but it lacks the defensive boosts and the ticks are much smaller, but great for quick boosts and extra background healing. Duraction is 10 sec with 5 sec recast, but if the healing is heavy overwriting is definately called for since the initial hit is so much bigger then the subsequent ticks.
Sylvan Bloom: The smallest and fastest casting of the default single target heals, it's still worth casting, especially with the AA that puts a roughly 21k ward on with it. The ward isn't huge, but it helps
Clearwater Current: (in super tank survivability spec only) A 9 trigger HoT that get's multiplactively bigger each tick and has a 2% DR attacked. Additionally if it is allowed to expire (ie not overwritten by another cast) it applies a ward (Constant Current) that looks to be about 60k. The ward plus the increasing ticks means timing this NOT to overwrite itself is important. Duration is 24 sec, recast is 15 sec.

Verdant Whisper: Standard Group cure, AA gives it a small HoT if it removes a detriment
Tunare's Grace: AA group cure. Grants a 4 trigger damage hit for every determient removed (Fury of the Storm averages about 145k for Jam, but it uses each person's modifiers). Further AA gives this a 37m range, so it's good for catching runners who are feared and people who have been kicked around by knockbacks.
Shatter Infections: 8 sec duration, 1.5 min recast. Group cure instantly and every second for 8 seconds. Great for timing before known incoming stuns, stifles, etc or if the group (or tank) has an overwhelming number of dets piled up. It hasn't been an issue so far in ToV, but Shatter Infections also takes no power to cast.

Single Target
Cure: Standard point cure, AA gives it a small HoT on removal of detriment.
Tranquility: Initial direct heal plus a cure instantly and every 10 sec. Any successful cure, also heals. 1 minute duration and 30 second recast. If perfect timed, it can be kept running on two people (myself and other healer in my group for fights with stuns/stifles, etc) The 10 seconds between 'auto cures' can still make it a bit dicey for stuns and stifles, but when the timing works out, it can be a group-saver.

5. Hotbar/UI setup

I've got my raid and group windows right next to each other, so I can watch both at the same time.

Hot Bar: Bottom row is mostly my spells, row above is mostly the melee versions of those spells.

Far left. Cure, Cure Cures, grp cure, grp cure, grp cure over, pt cure over time.
2nd column is mostly single target heals, 3rd is group heals

A small block of a hotbar is always on buffs that persist through death.

6. Always-on Buffs
Armor of Seasons: 800 STA to fighters, 2256 mitigation to non-fighters
Essence of the Great Bear: 10% block chance, 84.8 STA, 2024 mit vs elemental
Favor of the Wild: 111 AGI and WIS, 2.4% base avoidance, 311 mit vs elemental, arcane and noxious
Instinct: 7 DPS, 10% accuracy, 95 melee skills, DPS DoT proc
Nature Walk: 50% reduction to slow effects, immunity to root
Windblade: DPS proc, crit bonus proc (up to 21 with 10 incriments), heal proc

Singe Target
Aspect of the Forest (x2): 195 STA, 190 WIS, 518 mit vs elemenetal, arcane and noxious - Usually myself and my tank for the health boost and wisdom (for myself). I will swap around as need (other healer for easy fights for additional dps or squishy group member if one person keeps dying from 1-shots)
Aura of Health: 2% max health - Usually my tank, but this can go on anybody in the raid so, if my tank doesn't need it, I sometimes swap it around to person who is dying frequently.
Regenerating Spores: Chance to proc an HoT every time target is damaged (bigger if target is < 50% health). My tank. If my tank doesn't need it and somebody is particularly squishy, I may move it to them
Spirit of the Bat: 94 AGI, 1% base avoidance, 45 in combat power regen, max health by 377. The highest dpsing scout in my group. Occassionly I will swap it to my tank for the small avoidance boost if it's one of those fights that every little bit helps. (or of the scout keeps dying and I get tired of retargetting to reapply it to said scout ;) )
Thorncoat: 609 physical mit + small dps proc when damaged with a melee weapon. My tank. This one can also go on anybody in the raid, so if my tank doesn't need it and somebody is dying from melee hits or trama damage, I'll swap it to them.

Battle Prowess: 15% increase to combat art damage, 25 weapon damage bonus, 25 dps
Casting Expertise: (instead of battle prowess for forced ranged fights only) 5% spell and critical damage, 17% double cast
Infusion: DPS proc on nearby enemy when I cast a benifical spell. Group heal = AoE damage. I toggle this off if it's a fight where hitting the adds is bad or if it's a heavy power drain fight as it does take power
Nature's Restoration: healing spells have 50% chance to proc power, photosynthesis and healstorm ticks get bigger over time
Warden of the Forest: 67 focus, 1115 mit vs physical, 2614 mit vs elemental, arcane and noxious
Stances: Nature's Aura/Glacial Assault: More heals, less damage or more damage, less heals. Use as the fight demands.

The warden is light on debuffs
Undergrowth: Encounter root that also debuffs agility by 114 and interupts the encounter, but with a 1 sec casting time, it's not that useful as an interupt.
Frostbite/Frostbite Slice: Single target cold DoT that debuffs vs elemental
Winds/Whirl of Permafrost: encounter/AoE cold spell that debuffs melee skills
Master's Smite: L&L ability that does single target divine damage and debuffs attack speed and melee skills

Combat Arts/Spells
The warden is light on attacks, without AA, they only have a few damage spells, four of which have melee conversions  with AA. This is part of the reason to take a number of the additional combat arts and spells from AA, so there are offensive buttons to press.
Default (including CA conversions)
Wrath (spell): single target divine damage
Dawnstrike (spell and CA): single target heat damage
Icefall/Icefall Strike: single target cold damage
Frostbite/Frostbite Slice: single target cold DoT that debuffs vs elemental
Winds/Whirl of Permafrost: encounter/AoE cold spell that debuffs melee skills
Nature's Pack: Single target, 4 wolves attack target
Master's Smite (spell): L&L ability that does single target divine damage and debuffs attack speed and melee skills

AA offensive arts:
Thunderspike (CA): single target magic damage
Nature Blade (CA): single target melee damage + attack speed boost
Primordial Strike (CA): single target melee damage
Wrath of Nature (spell): Encounter magic damage DoT
Uncontrollabe Wrath (dragon conversion for wrath. spell): single target cold damage

7. Pre pull/on pull
Get Healstorm and Photosythesis rolling, at the least. I usually stack Nature's Embrace and Slyvan Bloom on the tank and Winds of Healing on the group as well.
For names or groups of mobs, I frequently toss Tortoise Shell as well, to block any intial AoEs to give time for the fight to settle more smoothly.
I frequently cast Wrath of Nature or Uncontrolable Wrath as I'm running into position behind the mob... because I can and everything else is interupted by movement.

8. Casting Order, combat arts/spells, temp buffs and why
Nature Blade to buff my attack speed, Frostbite Slice to debuff vs elemental, Whirl of Permafrost, then whatever is up between heals.

9. Oh ! buttons
Hierophantic Genesis
: big 36 sec HoT that ticks every 2 seconds (+ small power feed): Great combo for high ongoing damage and incoming stuns
Sylvan Touch: 14 sec emergency single target HoT, 7.5 minute reuse  *significantly buffed when ToV came out
Sylvan Embrace: 14 sec emergency group HoT, 7.5 minute reuse  *significantly buffed when ToV came out
Cyclone: 10 second total damage immunity
Infuriating Thorns
: 3 Trigger stoneskin (+small damage proc). In Tank Survivabilty Spec, 2 additional triggers an a 10% chance to refresh cyclone
Nature's Renewal: 20 sec, 5 minute reuse single target death save. In Tank Survivability Spec, it has 3 triggers rather then 1
Tunare's Watch: 30 sec, 2.5 minute reuse group-wide death save: everybody in the group gets a 1 trigger death save.

10. Gear Choices
Casting Speed and Reuse 100
DPS 600+
Haste 200+
Multi-attack ~120
Crit Bonus: As much as possible (there is a cap at 3000, but it's unlikely wardens will hit it unless you're very top end raiding)
Potency: As much as possible
Ability mod as much as possible

Weapon: 2-hander. There is little reason for a warden to go 1-hander/shield. It provides no healing benifit and generally lowers dps.
Ranged: ALWAYS have a focus item here. Wardens need to melee to be maximally effective in their heals (and dps) but for some fights it's just not possible. Having a focus item here allow spell ranged auto-attack for things like druidism ward procs... and free dps is always good for the raid.

Reforging: Once you hit the DPS, Haste and MA soft caps, reforge extra stats into ability mod when possible. AE auto is a good alternative if the piece already has ab mod.

11. Adornment Choices
Wantia Adornment of Raw Power (18% potency): Head, Chest, Forearms, Hands, Legs, Feet.  Potency is always good
Wantia Adornment of Modified Power (2,720 ability mod): Cloak, Waist, Neck.  Can never have enough ability mod in ToT
Wantia Adorment of Increased Criticals: Weapons. Crit bonus is harder to get then potency in ToT
Incandescent Adornment of Prismatic Resilience (Superior) (1,364 elemental, noxious, arcane resists): Ears, Wrists, Fingers. Resists are vital in ToT
Incandescent Adornment of Swift Casting (Superior) (15% Casting Speed): Charms. Casting speed reforges VERY well, this frees up more of it on gear for reforging.

Armor: Crit Bonus adorns. Crit bonus is harder to get then potency and, unlike potency, crit bonus also multiplies ability mod
War Runes: Mostly group buffs. The ward and heal amounts on the 'healer' adorns are worthless compared to hit point totals and incoming damage, so I've opted to make my group stronger.

  1. Storm Animus: 200 to every stat and 8% max health for the group
  2. Relentless Conviction: 75 STA, +6% proc chance of spells and items, 5% physical damage reduction
  3. Cry Havoc: 2,500 ability modifier for the group
  4. Winds of Obol: 25% potency for the group
  5. Foundations of Adamant: 2,112 mitigation vs all damage for the group

12. Deity / other items (mana stone, etc)

Deity: Tunare for the pure healing buffs
Blessing: Nature's Caress: 10 minutes of 15% increase to heals. Not huge, but every little bit helps.
Miracle: Growth's Replenishment: 1 minute HoT that heals 776.5% of max health for group members instantly and every 6 seconds. This isn't great for spike damage but it covers constant incoming damage like little else.

Tithe Miracle:
Judication: Increases the caster's potency by 1% of the groups' total potency for 10 minutes. More potency  is always good.

: Quested mana stone, tinkered mana stone, tinkered feign death totem, Thaumic Scroll of Prowess (extra stats and health for the group), Brew of Readiness (resets the reuse of most abilities, out of combat only), Coldain Cure-all (removes res sickness, even in combat), charm clickies

13. Macros
Group cures: group say and /cancel_spell cast... ditto for cure curse with raid say as well
text macro on my death saves, stoneskin, AoE Blocker and damage immunity
I have a macro to cast tranquility on myself.
All of my other 'macros' are handled through my custom UI, DarqUI

14. Useful tools (UIs, etc) with links
Dragowulf Spell Timer Window: To keep track of stoneskins, damage immunities, AoE blockers, special heals, death saves, etc

Darqui : I use the raid and group windows and the threat meter. It also has a spell watcher feature, but I was using the Dragowulf one first and I like it better
Raid and group windows let me set up 'macros' so I can cast the 5 spells of my choice on any member in the raid w/o making a custom macro.
The raid and group spells can differ. The actual spell icons appear over the target's health bar so I can see exactly what I am casting on whom.
This makes cross healing much easier. I've also got Darq set to chime whenever a curse hits the raid.
With Darq, I don't have to remember what each number is for each toon. The actual spell icons are shown AND dwelling over the button displays the name.
The threat window has a nice big casting bar for the mob so it is much easier for me to see and keep track of spells I need to joust, pre-cure, etc

ACT: Let's me assess what was happened during the fights. This helps me fine-tune my casting order as well see which of my procs are (or aren't) worthwhile
** Ability Mod: Ability mod for HoTs (and DoTs) is calculated by counting up the total for ALL ticks and dividing that total by 3. That ability mod is the 'shared out' between all the ticks. This is why wardens (and furies) need a higher ability mod then other healer classes. I've got spreadsheets up on google docs for all the non-tank clases, so you can figure out the optimal ability mod for your own toon. Here's the link to the Healer Ability Mod Estimator


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