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re: Special K's Warlocking Guide


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Warlock Class Guide:  We live and die by the Stacks!

1.      General Information on Class :  Warlocks are master of death and decay who channel the forces of poison and disease, bringing an untimely end to their enemies. By invoking these dark powers and unleashing destruction all around them, Warlocks can deal devastating damage against multiple opponents at once.

2.      Why pick your class over another? :  As with many of us here, over the years I have made and played all classes in the game, having multiples of some classes over multiple accounts.  Having raided on a myriad of toons, I felt there was a need for a Warlock in the current raid set up.  The Warlock has a number of class specific abilities including group power feeds and heals, large aoe encounter dps, group disease proc’s to name a few.

3.      AA choice and why - with screen shots:  A players AA are as different from player to player and their choice of outfits and days of the week.  Over time each of us find what works for us, while there is always room for improvement, overall, most of us are pretty happy with our set ups.Sorcererimageimageimageimageimageimage


a.       Sorcerer:  In this build I favor run, casting and reuse speeds.  Concussive Blast is a standard for all sorcerers in order to help rapidly build our stacks necessary for our damage.

b.       Warlock:  A pretty mundane splattering of AA’s, Focused Casting has been the Warlocks class defining spell since inception, but over the years has for all purposes become worthless.  Propagation adds a 4% trigger chance to the group.  Aftershock adds additional hits of spells.  Increased spell reach is pretty worthless as we are typically stacked behind the mobs in raid.  Dark Aggravation is more of an aggravation than useful.  With the consistent spell lag, the spell is 90% always expired before you know it’s time to use it.  

c.       Shadows:  Deity and Health are always good.  Bewilderment is a must; it is helping to drop agro after laying on your big hitters.  Plaguebringer is also a must, typically will be your highest damaging spell.  Cast it early, and recast it above all other spells.

d.       Heroic:  I am tweaking this build some.  With the advent of much higher health being a necessity, I may take the 10 points from Int and move it into the 5% max health and power.  This will come in handy later with the other ascension classes.  Thunderclap is a strong spell; Expunger is highly recommended to increase Plaguebringer.  Chains and Sanguine are both highly recommended for their dps and buffs.  Mystical Field is a fun spell to go and tear up solo zones or if you want to look like the Dark Lord strolling thru easy zones and everything just dies just with you walking past it.  In raids it is low priority.  It can be useful in large aoe pulls, but the tradeoff is too high as it requires 30 AA’s just to get it.

e.       Dragon:  I choose the 3rd and 4th lines for their bonuses.  3rd offers you double cast, spell skills, and a large 25% potency boost.  The 4th line offers some class specific damage boosts, but most importantly is the end line of Ancient Fury: 2 Additional ticks to all DoT’s.  If you spec for it, then you will never have to rely on a Troub for their Upbeat Tempo.  While freeing up the AA’s are nice, if you die, the Troub dies, or there are multiple casters that need UT, unless you have a Troub on the ball that recasts UT every time, you will be losing DPS hand over fist.  This will also allow the Troub to cast it on a Tank if one is in the group, or themselves if needed.  Jesters Cap is the Warlocks best friend over all other buffs.

f.        Prestige:  I went right side for the Pot to CB bonus as well as the aoe benefits.  Rare to find a lock that goes left side.  This is where both the Wizard and Warlock spec for and depend on our stacks in order to do DPS.

g.       Prestige Warlock:  This is also an AA that I am looking at refreshing.  Removing points from the CB and moving them into the Max Health.  I am well over the CB cap in raid and the points will be better spent on staying alive.  I will see how this goes.  Bulwark of Mana, this is a spell every caster gets but rarely uses for some reason.  It is an 8 second 20% reduction in all spell damage types, pretty nice in some of the heavy spell fights we have.  Skull Foci and Unda are stables of all casters.


4.      Link to spec for:

5.      AoE combat arts:  Almost everything I have is encounter AoE..

6.      Single Target Attacks:  Have a number of singles, to many to list.

7.      Hot bar setup - with screen shots:  image

8.      Raid buffs, Group buffs, and individual buffs and why you use them where:

a.      Raid Buffs:  Plague bringer’s Resolve:  Raid Resolve

b.      Group Buffs:  Dark Pact:  + Accuracy, - Spell Resists, Poison Proc, + Spell Skills

c.       Individual Buffs:  Boom of the Dammed:  9% Hate Transfer (Fighter), Shroud of Bertox: Damage Shield, Grasp of Bertox:  Poison Proc

9.   Pre pull buffs:  Skull Focii, Sanguine. Gift of Bert, Toxic Life:  Together they increase your Potency, Damage Proc, and group encounter buff.

10 Gear choices:  This is every changing since each expansion their seems to be a new flavor of gear that we are supposed to be looking for.  Currently, pouring as much into Potency, Crit Bonus, Ability Mod, Fervor and Resolve will get you where you need to be.  There will always be tradeoffs for some gear vs another.  Melee stats for us are pretty worthless, melee attacks are now 1-3% of your total damage.  Max health gear and or adorns are quickly becoming a raid necessity.  Keep an eye out for some in your travels. 

11Adornment choices: 

a.       White:  As with every expansion, new adorns and new reasons to get which.  Currently the Wantia are the best in slot, either the Potency or the Crit Bonus depending on your needs.  They can go into multiple slots and can really help boost your numbers.

b.      Purple:  The new expansion added a new dimension of purple adorns, multiple sets of adorns that when the set is completed you get a rather nice set bonus.  I am currently wearing the Max Health, Fervor, and Ability Mod sets for those bonuses. 

c.       Green:  There are multiple choices out there from solos, heroics, crafted.  The Spirit Stones offer the highest ability mod and potency for the slot.   

d.      Cyan:  Do the Zek quest line for the best in slot cyan adorns.  Currently there are none better.

12 Deity/other items (mana stone, etc):  Yes to all, manastone, waters of norrath cloak, deity, guild hall buff, any and all clickies you can get to boost your stats. 

13Macros you use:  I am not a big macro fan; they tend to cause more lag from folks mashing on macros with multiple lines of commands.  I have simple targeting macros, or spell macros that will send a /tell to a personal chat channel I use to trigger my ACT spell timers.



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