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re: Chakas Wizzy Guide


So here's my Wizard guide. Why did i pick a wizzy? why did you pick a wizzy? i don't know i am assuming we like to get slapped around . At the moment were good at aoe's but not as good as warlocks, were good at single targets but not as good as necros or conjy's. Hopefully next expansion they will put us were we belong on top of the single mob parse. Manaburn FTW First of all for raiding you need too have some basics. 

1. act parser

2. Darqui. Best custom UI I have tried.

3. epic done.

4. Spells that do damage Grandmaster!!!!

Now lets get to your aa's

Focus effects

So that right there should be your first aa profile to use as your base, you cant go wrong with it. I have tweaked mine slightly wich i recomond for those more advanced wizzy's.

I am pretty sure your looking at the screenshot and saying God those are A Lot of hotbars!!!.  yup 10 is max. no way around it if you want to be good. The 4 on the left are smaller since all are buffs, potions, totems, calls etc. stuff i use out of combat. the 6 on the left are bigger and for combat. as you can see some spells are on there twice. I'll explain in a minute

Things to have before raid

Then head to the reforger.

Reuse 100 (anything over is a waste)

Recovery 100 (anything over is a waste)

Casting speed 100 minimum (get more anything over turns to Doublecast)

Doublecast 100 (more is better)

Ability mod Lots over 150k

Dps 600

Haste, AOE, multi-attack, use those stats to reforge into the stats above.

Everything looks good? Then lets look at some macros i have done to save time and hotbar space.

Eci's and Blast of devastation are insta cast when you have 150 stacks of frozen solid. each spell hit on a mob gives you 6 stacks to frozen solid. stacks last for two minutes but timer is reset everytime a spell hits. I think Holy has a timer so he likes to pull right after your stacks expire. Get used to the frustration. but anyway if your running around killing trash your stacks should always be at 150 giving you 2 quick big hits on the mob while running around.  the other one is Frigid gift and surge of ro there both proc and work together surge is up for 50 sec while FG for 30. bye the time surge expires FG is already up so gives you continuous procs.

Freehand sorcery just macro it to your 2 biggest hitters. Frozen detonation and Frozen Rain. Those two spells go off of stacks like i said before every spell hit on a mob gives you 6 toward a max of 150 stacks. At 150 stacks Frozen rain will hit 5 times + 100% DC= 10 hits, Frozen Detonation being the Aoe version max 8 targets.

OK so now to some casting rotation and all those damm hotbars. Fiery blast is your Baddest biggest sweetest spell, you might not top the parse but you will always have the biggest hit if your doing it right. It repeats something like 50% of spell damage you do for 10 sec. Proc not included. only the first hit on a dot is added. So my 2 top hotbars are solely for this, aoe fights and single target. Rotation would look something like this. Buff Buff Buff Sanguine sacrifice, world ablaze clickys, spellbind then Fieryblast. now you have 10 sec(more like 6) to get off as many big hits as you can. Macroed Eci's,BOD, Frozen rain, Thunderclap, ether chains, masters strike, bewilderment, Hailstorm all quickcast spells, remeber stacks? you need Minimum of 30 to cast Frozen rain, Boom its up again Frozen rain to end your rotation, your FB should go off right after. This rotation gives you 2 Hits from frozen rain or frozen detonation for a bigger FB hit. Having all those spells clustered in one area really helps you get them off during a FB rotation.

The rest of the fights its pretty much getting a few spells off fast enough. Wizards are very slow casters so your most effecient spells are as follows.

1. Eci's- aoe big hit keep on instacast if fighting trash.

2. Undas-insta cast the farther you are the bigger the hit max about 25 feet.

3. Blast of devastaion on aoe fights

4. Thunderclap whenever its up the closer you are to the mob the better.

5. Hailstorm if fights gonna last more than 5 seconds

6. Firestorm on aoe fights

7. Fusion only when 3 or more mobs are up and are gonna be up for more than 2.5 seconds.

8. Frozen rain and Frozen detonation(aoe) only on longer fights usually named s. Using these resets your stacks to 0. Always save stacks till you max out at 150 then use for max dps.

9. Rays of disintegration, ball of fire, flames of velious, solar flare, immolation, incinerate only when nothing else is up.

10 ice spears and furnace of ro are your debuffs so use on longer fights only

11. storm of lightning and glacial wind are encounter spells so at least 4 linked mobs to be worth it to work into your rotation.


Gear......pretty simple Fervor is king atm but also very rare for caster. Ducky hat, Belt from rare vendor in thulumbra will get you 11. Get the buddy buff cant think of the name will get you 40. After fervor Potency and Crit bonus are best. Grab as much as you can from both. Crit bonus till you are at around 2600 self buffed. Raid buffed you will probably be capping out at 3k. Potency has no cap so get as much as you can. You really have to do a lot of grinding outside of the raid. stuff is easy to get ethereals, collections and drops. Zones are easy you just have to put in the work.  I'm sitting at 10500 pot with very little raid gear. after that go with ability mod when reforging. not a big fan of it but when its free ill take it over any kind of melee stat. Reforge.

A couple of other things take the time to setup your UI "right" Daruq has a very nice spell monitor where you can see your stacks flashing red when your at 150, your buffs that are active, your dots and how long before they expire i cant stress enough after trying lots of UI this one was just way better than the rest.  And dont be afraid to tweak your aa's i always do but check your act parser religiously to see if its working or not and don't be afraid to ask me for any advice im always willing to help.

I'm pretty sure i missed some things but i reserve the right to change stuff later. Sorry for all the grammatical errors.



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re: Chakas Wizzy Guide


Nice write up!

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