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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing


The Swashbuckler is a dashing rogue known for flamboyant acts and grandiose accomplishments. Using cunning and skill, Swashbucklers inflict devastating attacks against foes before slipping into the shadows. Masters of misdirection, Swashbucklers often avoid the blame for their potent strikes.

1. General Class Info

The Swashy is an in your face scout who excels at fighting multiple enemies at once. They are great at protecting the tank's good (or at least lizardy) looks through numerous debuffs. These range from MA, DPS, and WDB to mitigation debuffs.  They also bring a few DPS procs and buffs to their group. While they aren't as great as their counter part, the Brigand, at single target fights, they hold their own and look way better doing it.

2. Why pick your class over another

I have a ranger, assassin, dirge, wizard, and conji as well as a couple healers and a tank all at or near 95. While these classes can all excel in specific situations, I have never seen the sustained DPS in all situations that a Swashy can bring. Over any length of fight, no matter the number of targets, a swashy will be right behind those top DPSers. And to top it all off they debuff more stats than any other class. I've played multiple of these DPsers and Utility in raid settings and none of them bring such a potent mix that the Swashy does.

3. AA choices and why - with screen shots

Link for Captjak's captastic AAs - Click Here!

Rogue AAs

STR Line:

10 in Torporous Strike: Decent damage plus Ability Casting and Recovery speed debuff. Really nice debuff that gives healers a little extra time to have that cure ready.

2 in Blackguard's Defense: Inc Defense. Not a huge increase and you should be behind the mob anyway, I only have two in it in order to get the endline.

10 in Blackguard's Luck: Inc Crit Chance. Decent to use in place of adorns, filled to get the endline.

1 in Traumatic Swpie: Endline that does decent damage and debuffs Ability Reuse and Potency. Really nice in that it gives us more time between AoEs, big hits on tanks, and other non-scripted abilities.

AGI Line:

10 in Walk the Plank: Ok damage, but forces the target to face the direction that the cast is facing. Not much use other than the damage in raids but while soloing it allows you to use rear attacks.

2 in Commandeer: Inc movement speed: 2 points only to get the end line.

10 in Avast Ye: Melee damage proc whenever you are behind the mob, 20% on any melee hit. Pretty nice, does ~2% of my damage in raids which is great for a passive AA.

1 in Tailwind: Inc Ability Recovery and Casting Speed. Pretty good to have, in means less reforging into Casting Speed.

WIS Line:

10 in Deft Disarm: Decent damage and debuffs Wis and Str. This is nice to keep the tank from getting hit as hard by Healer and Tank type mobs.

2 in Lunge Reversal: Proc that goes off on any avoidance. This isn't huge as we should be behind that mob. I only have two points to get to the endline.

10 in Remarkable Mobility: Inc DPS (formerly MA). Any DPS increase is a must for melee classes.

1 in Coule: Good damage with a debuff to WDB and Accuracy. The downside is you have to be in front or the side of the mob. But the Accuracy is 30% so it's a must for raiding. This ability is the sole reason you'll see me (or not... I am tiny) jump in front of the mob occasionally.

INT Line:

1 in Boot Danger: Little damage but puts you in stealth and has a short cooldown.  While the damage isn't very high with only 1 point, the cooldown is very short compared to our other stealth and doesn't get lowered with more points so only 1 point is in it.

SF Line (bottom row):

8 in Cunning Prowess: Inc Potency. Pretty needed now that Pot is harder for scouts to stack and our AoEs love Potency.

8 in Capo Ferro: Inc Ability Reuse. This is huge for Swashys to get their AoEs back faster and means less reforging.

2 in Dance of Metal: Damage Proc with 8 triggers, you have to chain ability hits to keep it going. As soon as you miss or don't get a hit off in time the proc disappears. The damage is really good for 8 free hits. The tricky part is not to use it with too many of our multi-hit CAs as even part of the attack missing will cancel the triggers.


Swashbuckler AAs

Ok, I'm not going to go over every single thing here but give a general overview.

Top portion: I took anything that buffed my melee AoEs, I took the two debuff poisons (not the damage one because it doesn't do a lot and are only for the heal and power ones), I grabbed the best of my self/group buffs, and the strongest/most useful of the debuffs.

Endlines: I took the increase to my weapon range, the AoE blocker, and the increase to our ability to resist the mobs spells after a CA. I skipped the trigger chance to poisons as my debuff ones are almost always up and the damage poisons aren't great.

Bottom line: I increased the transfer of hate I give, the mitigation reduction increase, and added an Agility steal to one of my rear attacks. I also took the final endline that adds a Strikethrough buff and DPS and Attack Speed debuffs to two of my self buffs.


Shadow AAs

First Line: Pet of the Gods and Hearty Constitution. These will increase damage and power through more Agi on the god pet and increase our health.

Second Line: Enhance: Quick Strike and Offensive Prowess which gives the best increases to our damage. Evasive Maneuvers for a 1 place agro drop, a must for all scouts.

Third Line: Circle of Blades to increase the damage of one of our best AoEs and Battle Endurance to add Sta and increase Agi on one of our maintained buffs. Thieving Essence steals Ability Mod from the mob and gives it to our group.

Fourth Line: Flamboyant Swashbuckling to increase damage to our very best AoE and Countering Blow to increase the trigger chance and damage to one of our temp buffs. Precision Striking increases the damage and improves the reuse on our long casting CAs and Enfeebling Whirl is another AoE with a Str and Int debuff on it (I like AoEs >.>).


Heroic AAs

First Line: 10 in Ability Aptitude may seem an odd choice for a scout but the Ability Mod increase is really nice for the Swashy's AoEs.

Second Line: 8 in Expertise for Potency since it's hard to come by and 10 in Critical Genius for Crit Bonus, that one is pretty self explanatory.

Third Line: 10 in Enhance: Thieving Essence which improves the amount of Ability mod it steals and gives to the group by 100%. 10 in Perfect Form which increase our auto-attack multiplier by .24, an older form of WDB which is godly for scouts. 

Fourth Line: Change in Engagement is a 4% Max Health debuff as long as you're behind the mob, this is huge to make fights easier, it lasts for 45 second on a 20 second recast. Sunder is a decent damage ability on it's own but then adds a debuff to the mob that inflicts additional damage 10% of the time it gets hit for the next 24 seconds, this adds up quick and is ~2% of my parse in raids.


Dragon Line

Ok, another odd one for a lot of scouts. I went primarily with the Dragon Claw line, 10 points to get 6 incremental 5% increase in Potency, 9 points to add damage to Evade, 1 point in adding Crit Bonus/Potency buff after using Sinister Strike to get down, and 10 points to increase Ability Casting speed. All this to get the endline of a 10 second buff that increases my Potency by 25% of it's value. I spam this every time it's up to overload my AoEs with more Potency.

I also took the 10 points in the Dragonwrath line for more WDB.


Prestige Line

Finally the Swashy's bread and butter. This page is what makes the Swashy such a strong DPSer but also gives us pretty good group buffs.

Top Line:

Pirate's Fancy: Adds a second strike to ALL OUR AOES!! Who doesn't want that?!

Daring Leader: Improves the duration of Perfect Finesse and Inspire Daring, two of our temp buffs but also makes them apply to the group! Super awesome!

Ok those two alone make this page huge for the Swashy being wanted in every group but the rest is pretty awesome too.

Left Side:

Spinning Flurry: Replaces Flurry of Blades with an AoE version (Another AoE? Sign me up!). This ability hits 3 times AND debuffs physical mitigation of all 8 targets.

Bladespinner: ANY CA will have a 5% chance to clear the reuse on Dashing Swathe and 10% chance to clear the reuse on Lucky Gambit (Both AoEs and Dashing is our GM choice /evil grin)

Blademaster: Every 30 pts of DPS gives 1% Crit Bonus. Do I really need to explain the awesomeness of this?

Dashing Flourish: Another AoE!!! This one debuffs the mobs WDB in addition to hitting pretty hard.

Powerful Flourish: Increase the damage of Dashing Flourish by 300%

Pirate's Retaliation: Adds another debuff that deals damage when the targets attack, Powerful Flourish doesn't increase this =(

Pirate's Swordplay: Gives Lucky Gambit (See resets above ;) ) a two trigger buff for additional damage, my top damage after my autoattack at ~5% during raids.

Middle Area:

Pirate's Spin: Passive buff that deals damage and debuffs DPS of the encounter on any hit, ~6/minute, ~2% of my parse in raids.

Pirate's Perception: Group buff that gives the group a really nice damage proc on an attack or kill. ~2% of my parse and ~2-4% of group members parses.


Class Focus

I'm not posting a picture of this right now because it's easy... I took everything except my defensive stance and replaced that with Crit Damage. Everything else increases damage on CAs (including 2 AoEs) or improves buffs (including our hate transfer).


4. Spells

Swashy Spells

There's a list of our spells. I'm only going to go over the main ones that aren't AAs.

Lucky Gambit: AoE with huge damage. AAs to improve it's damage, add a second hit, add a 15 sec damage proc on all hits, and finally has a 10% chance to reset on any CA cast. This is HUGE HUGE HUGE and I spam it after all my debuffs are set up.

Dashing Swathe: AoE with even bigger damage. AAs (damage, second hit, 5% chance to rest on CA cast), class focus, and the best GM choice. The. Best. Thing. EVER. Easily my best CAs for straight damage. It doesn't debuff but on non-epics is has a chance to throwback/knockdown, stun, and blur vision (doesn't really help outside PvP). Another spam after debuffs.

DEBUFFS: I'm not going to put these down individually because then I'm just listing my spells... I'm going to put down each of the stats I can debuff though (not including AA spells that have been listed). INT, AGI, WIS, DPS, Spell damage, Defense, Physical Mit, Strikethrough, Melee and Casting Skills, Arcane resist (Hey look, a Swashy can debuff defenses too =P Silly Brigs thinking they get that to themselves).  Some of these are on more than one spell too and more than one are on my self buff that will be listed later.

You'll see on my ability bars but I have 5 Blue AoEs (the two non-AA ones are listed above), I have almost two bars of ST spells. I have almost one bar of buffs and items that give buffs.


5. Hot bar setup/screen shot

The top two bars contain the majority of my damage. The top has my highest damage abilities from low to high (left to right). The second bar has my best debuffs and my deagro abilities. On named I'll cast the second bar first, from left to right, then my damage abilities. On trash, I mostly just spam my blues except to reset my best two. I do cast my best debuffs like max health and defense on any mob.

The third bar has my one stealth ability with two "put into stealth" abilities because it has such a low recast, I need them both to use it effectively. It then has two slow/roots that aren't used outside soloing, and finally my ranged arts and AoE Blocker.

The last main bar has my singular focus (EEWWWW Do I really need this?) followed by my buffs and finally my items and god spell.

Additional bars contain my maintained buffs, two buffs for other (these are also on the quick cast buttons of my UI, I use the hotbars mostly to tell recast), and other assorted items like pots and calls.


6. Buffs and where they go

I only have one group buff that I haven't mentioned, Pathfinder which increases movement speed, excuse me if I'm not thrilled by this =P. The only other is discussed in detail under the Prestige Tree.

Self Buffs

Bladeweaver: Increase stats, avoidance, mitigation, and resists

Daring Advance: This is my offensive stance. It increases my melee skills while decreasing my overall defense. It also gives me a damage proc and interrupt on any melee hit ~6/minute.

Avoid Blame: One of my favorite buffs. ~5.1/minute it will decrease my threat by 12k. This combined with my Hate Transfer means if I'm pulling agro then something is very wrong.

Spurious Bravado: With my class focus this changes from a tanky buff to a DPS buff. This procs ~5.6/minute and increase my attack speed and decrease my hate gain (originally it was +hate)

Hurricane: This is what makes a Swashy a Swashy. 55% AoE atuoattack! Straight up. AAs increase this a little.

Swarthy Ways (Mythical Weapon): Increase Pot, adds a spell damage debuff to one of our main mage debuffs, and gives us a proc ~3/minute that deals DoT damage and an addition 8% of transfer.

Buffs I put on others

I've only got two.

Swarthy Decpetion: 29% Hate Transfer (increased to 37% for roughly half the time).

Sleight of Hand: Hate position swap. This one is tricky... it can save a life or take your own. If used on a tank, the Swashy gets agro on the tank's target and then taunts it for 15k. If it's used on anyone else, it swaps their position with the Swashy (usually at or near the bottom) and then decreases the Swashy's hate by 5k.


7. Prepull Buffs

On about 3-5 of the count I cast these spells in order (it depends on the pull, the further the mob has to move then the later in the count I start them)

Ruthless Cunning: MA buff for me plus chance to debuff DPS on hit

Perfect Finesse: Attack Speed and MA buff for the group plus a chance to debuff DPS and Attack Speed, these are different debuffs so they do stack =)

En Garde: Damage proc on CA hit or avoid

Inspire Daring: Group damage proc on melee hit

At that point the mob is usually on us or close


8. Casting Order

I kinda already covered this in my hotbar section.

On named fights: Debuffs on my second bar from left to right. These are all debuffs that will make the mob hit less hard or less often. Then I cycle my top bar which has my biggest hits and my debuffs for the mobs defenses. /rinse /repeat

On trash: SPAM ALL THE BLUES!! Ok ok, I trow some of my debuffs first... usually... you can't prove I don't!


9. OH NO Buttons



10. Gear Choices

This is pretty simple for a Swashy. Though there has been debate on the forums: WDB all the way! *Get one piece of Potent* Then mix and match to get as much DPS mod as you can with MA , Attack Speed , and AoE auto to rough caps. Reforge extra MA and Attack Speed into Reuse first then Casting Speed and finally Ability Mod. Mix in damage proc jewelry and WDB/Crit Bonus Charms for excellent parses.


Armor: WDB + DPS, mixing MA, Attack Speed, and AoE as needed **Get at least one piece of Potent**

Cloak/Belt: Flurry, either straight or half+CB/Pot

Jewelry: DPS, mixing Ma, Attack speed, and AoE as needed (Get Discombobulate proc if you can)

Charms: Undercover Assault is a great clicky, and if you can manage to get it in Dominion Killing Chamber is a must

Weapons: I'm using 4 second delay still for the always-hit procs like CoB and PoM, but it's personal preference at this point. Ranged slot can go either bow or thrown, which ever has better stats.


DPS 600 (700-800 is ideal, 1k is ultimate goal)

MA ~120 (this give you the guaranteed second hit before temp buffs/procs to get it to soft cap)

Attack Speed ~300 (200 soft cap and over cap to Flurry)

AoE Auto ~100

Reuse/Casting ~70-80 solo should give you 100% in raid

Ab Mod try for ~8k to maximize our blues


11. Adornment Choices


Crit Chance to 650

DPS in chest, neck, and belt

Melee Skills in Boots and Wrists (This will help with your hitrate)

Follow the stats in 10 to fill in what you can

Agi in the rest


Flurry in the shoulders

Crit Bonus or DPS in the rest (I currently have 3 of each)

Weapons+Belt: Whatever you can get... I currently have Magnitude (12 Crit Bonus for me) and Cry Havoc (1500 Ab Mod for the group) and Sublime Viciousness (Stat boost, Attack Speed, and MA for me). I am looking to get the 50% Crowd Control resist one though, I think it's a must for scouts/tanks.


12. Diety/other items

I went Bristlebane because I didn't feel like betraying for Zek. I only use the 20 DPS and I don't use it often... I mostly did it because the pet is a t-rex cow >.> Don't judge me

Mana Stone, Cure Pots, assorted Totems.

FIELD POINT AMMO! Better chance to hit, only ones to use. (Unless you have a thrown weapon, then Daggers)

Some really nice appearance gear. You're a Swashy, you gotta look good ;)


13. Marcos

I only really have macros for /g that tell people when I'm casting my group buffs.


14. Useful Tools

ACT is your best friend!

Find a custom UI that you like EQ2 Interface I personally use DrumsUI but I've used ProfitUI and I tried DarqsUI (it was really buggy but I did like it otherwise). I use the full package but you can take pieces. The spell timers are a must when you have important debuffs (I only have my % health one on there or my screen would be full of them).


15. Video of you doing your job

It'll be kinda boring cuz I'm just using the patented "Seto's Swashy facerolling DPS" technique and hitting the big ugly thing but I'll get one up.


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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing


Thanks for a very thorough and informative writeup... almost makes me want to roll up a swashy!


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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing

hypozeuxis wrote:

Thanks for a very thorough and informative writeup... almost makes me want to roll up a swashy!

Swashy is well worth playing.. :)  it is the only class with style and panache..

All the A+ students play swashy.. :)




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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing


Just for another look at it, here is my current hotbar setup on Becklyn.

The top bar is my most damage efficient to least damage efficient of regular casting CAs.  Second bar is stealth oriented and AOE style CAs.  Third bar is misc, ranged and some more debuffs.  At the start of every fight I fire off everything on bar one, most of the rear/stealth stuff on two, and the debuffs from three.  

After that I cycle through things in the most to least efficient manner.. i.e. if there are two items available to cast on bar 1, I cast the one on the left first.  Switching to most efficient ordering has improved my dps about 20% over what it was.

On multi mob fights I will use the blue aoes (in efficiency casting order) whenever they are up, but on single target fights I generally only use them a single time to get their buffs due to extended casting times on most of them.

Bar 4 has my temp buffs and pot cures, temp buffs are usually all cast prior to named fights, and mostly cast on trash (depending on mob toughness and how long the 10 second count really is on pull)

By name and bar they are:

Bar 1:

Flash of Steel (also macroed to start a heroic opportunity and to turn on autoattack) - Decreases DPS of target
Hamstring - Slows target movement speed
Evade (with AA spec that changes it to also do damage) - Reduces my threat
Deft Disarm - Decreases wis and str of target
Snap of the Wrist - Increases my chance to hit
Torporous Strike - Decreases casting and recovery speed of target
Flamboyant Strike - Decreases int of target, reduces damage of hostile spells
Devious Blade - Helps tank hate gain
Thieving Essence - Decreases ability mod of target, increases ability mod of group
Sunder - just does damage
Evasive Maneuvers - Reduces my threat
Macro: Target MA

Bar 2:

Shadow Slip (no dps, but puts me into stealth for the next hit) - Reduces my threat
Shanghai (Also macroed with Heroic Opportunity) - Does damage, stuns target if it isn't epic
Kidney Stab - Decreases mit of target vs physical
Cheap Shot (only used on heroic or solo fights)
Viscerate - Decreases agi of target, increases my agi
Lung Puncture - Decreases strikethrough, piercing, ranged, focus, disruption, subjugation, ordination, crushing, slashing of target
Walk the Plank - turns target away from me, if not epic
Dashing Flourish - Decreases weapon damage bonus of melee weapons of targets
Spinning Flury - Decreases mitigation of targets
Lucky Gambit - Just does damage
Dashing Swathe - Stuns targets if not epic
Enfeebling Whirl - Decreases int and str of targets

Bar 3:

Tease (dispels beneficial arcane effects on target as well as taunts)
Double Cross - Decreases wis and defense of target
Flurry of Blades - decreases mitigation of target
Traumatic Swipe - Decreases reuse speed and potency of target
Snare - Decreases mitigation of target vs arcane damage, slows movement speed of target
Sailwind - AOE blocker
Storm of Steel - Just aoe ranged damage
Arctic Blast - Slows target movement speed


My AA setup is very similar to CaptJak's simply because he does better dps and has more experience running a swashy on current content than I do, so I figure starting with a good base is a good start. :)


One thing that CaptJak did leave out that is very crucial to any swashbuckler is style.  If you don't dress and look stylish, you might as well strap on the hamburgler hat and become a brigand.. ;)



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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing


Book Sent


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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing


Updated some stuff, including more info in the gear section


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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing


I'm going to do a write up on my new AA set up. I've been running it for a bit now and I really like it. It's heavy autoattack based but it really work well and does a bit more for single targets. Hopefully I'll be able to do that this Friday.


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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing

Pattywak wrote:

I'm going to do a write up on my new AA set up. I've been running it for a bit now and I really like it. It's heavy autoattack based but it really work well and does a bit more for single targets. Hopefully I'll be able to do that this Friday.

I am definitely interested in your changes.. I was hearing how +DPS can be a real boost once you get up there for autoattack based setups.


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re: Swashbuckler's guide to swashing


Ok, I'm not going to post pictures of my new(-ish) AA setup but I am going to describe each change and why. If you want to see a visual, it's my standard setup on EQ2u or KLlamaTest if you want to double check it.


Rogue Tree:

The biggest change is not taking Dance of Metal. The reasoning behind this is that there's too many mobs right now that can do something to screw it up and if you don't get all 8 procs off every time then the 4 points can be better used somewhere else.

The other important change is that I moved points from Cunning Prowess to Coordination. This was Potency and is now Accuracy after any cast of Snap of the Wrist (one of our largest ST CAs).

Other minor changes are moving points from the Critical Chance to Defense in the Str line just because I don't need it and moving points from Walk the Plank to Commandeer because WtP is almost useless in raids so this gives me a little move movement for certain fights.


Swashbuckler Tree:

Not a whole lot of change here, just took points out of my transfer in the bottom to free up needed points in the Dragon page and some movement to be more optimal on the top section.


Skipping Shadow cuz I didn't change a thing there.


Heroic Tree:

This one is kind of controversial... I changed my second endline from the % Health Debuff (Change of Engagement) to a temp stoneskin (Pris de Fer). I can now get a single hit stoneskin on every CA cast for 30 secs.  This allows me to stay in on AoEs or give the healers a little extra help since more heals will hit other members of the group instead of topping me off. This was how I tanked one of the dragons in ToV when Liepha and Cene got taken out. While the % Health Debuff is nice, my damage is too so why not keep me alive and swigging a little bit longer? It could be a toss up for lower parsing Swashies but I feel the stoneskin is better for me.

The rest of the tree is just some movement according to stats. I changed the top one to more Agi instead of Ability Mod and the middle from Potency to Reuse Speed.


Dragon Tree:

This is where those freed up points ended up. In addition to having 10-10-1-9-1 in the Dragon Claws line (this is a bit different, one point moved up), I have 10-10-10-0-1 in the Dragonwrath line. This gives me Melee skills and Agi that I didn't have and a Shadowstep-like CA that does some pretty good damage and gets me back in on jousts faster. 


TL;DR I moved points to give me more ST and autoattack based damage as well as some more tankiness/staying power. Check my spec on EQ2u for pics.


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re: swashy


Single bar combat arts. If you are getting stuck on combat arts and which one to cast first here is a general combat art macro that you can setup.

The 7 on top are

Row #1. Ruthless Cunning, Perfect Finesse, Sunder, our AoE blocker

Row #2. Inspired Daring, Dance of Metal, En Garde and Shadow (not showing)

Cast these when ever they are available. Save the AoE blocker when needed. Besides this just the Single Target macro.

As I study the Swashy a bit more I might change the casting order. This is a general Best ability when available casting order, not necessarily most damage ability first. Missing is Dagger Storm, would put it below Traumatic Swipe


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