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re: channeler

   1. General Information on Class

A Channeler is a bow shooting healer. These healers can intercept damage for the group, or a single target and bring some DPS to the table using there range attacks. The Channeler's pet (Construct) is like a brick wall protecting the group from damage by sacrificing its own health. It is one of the most flexible healers with the ability to change its pet spec quickly depending upon what is needed.

Channelers engage in a delicate balancing act with nature - both embracing it and consuming it to utterly protect their allies and destroy their enemies

    2. Why pick your class over another?

Flexibility would be the first reason. Want to go all out DPS, change your constructs ability. Want to drop the groups hate by 2? Change the constructs ability. Want to power up your group when you cure? Change the constructs ability, Etc. The 2nd would be management of your resources. If you enjoy keeping track of more then just health and power, this is the class for you.

--Pet ability's:

Before I go over AA's we really need to talk about our construct and how it works.

If you went to level 85 like I did, and power leveled most likely your pet has no extra armor.

Construct Empty

See the empty 4 slots? We need to fill them up with armor. This armor will help make your construct stronger. Head up to Vesspyr Isles. Target an etherpine. Attack it and bring it down to under 25% health and then use Channel Essence. You will then get this:


For each box, you get 4 choices. So a total of 16. Spend the time to get them.

Here are some examples. I will update these as I find more


Bat = (Bat Head) Accuracy and Strikethrough

Monkey/Simian/Gorilla = (Simian Head) Pot decrease of target by 10%

A chokidia mauler = (Reptile Head) Heals pet 0.5 of max health every 6 seconds.

Etherglade Prowler/Sattar = (Mystical Head) Stuns target for 2 seconds. Triggers 2.0 times per minute.


Armadillo/Rodent/Badger = (Rodent Shoulders) Reduce ele, nox, arc damage to pet by 2.5%

A feral boldstriped tigress = (Feline Shoulders) Increases healing received by 3%

A ash Wolf = (Canine Shoulders) Reduces physical damage done to pet by 2.5%


A feral bruiser/raptor = (Dire Feet) Increase the amount of damage interposed by the construct's interception and overloaded interception.

Deer = (Bovid Feet) Increases Weapon Damage bonus of pet by 10


A Kromdek warbear/bear = (Bear Hands) on combat or spell hit inflicts crushing damage single target.

a brownbeak/bird = (Avian Hands) on combat or spell hit inflicts crushing damage AOE target

a Nerius Fiddler/Crab/Crocodile = (Aquatic Hands) Heals group members (AE)

a underbrush fiend = (Enchanted Hands) on combat or spell hit inflicts damage on Target Encounter


So how does the Construct work? The construct comes Conduits and Dissonance with the follow abilities via the Conduits bar


All your main construct repair abilities go in the first 2 slots. Consider these heals for your Construct. Remember your construct takes hits or damage for your group members. So his health will go down. The only way to heal him/her is to use one of these two slots.

Slot 3 Emergence heals for you or your group members. Note normal heals will not heal your construct, only the slot one and slot 2 can do that.

Slot 4-8 are wildcards. You can do everything from debuffing, dropping hate for your group (not tank), more damage abilities, etc.

Dissonance is like mana, but in this case if it gets to 100%, you cannot use or channel any of these abilities. So you want to keep your Dissonance as low as possible. If you look above my Dissonance bar is 0%.

So lets talk about keeping your pet healthy enough to benefit your group. Remember if your construct gets in the red with health, it cannot intercept any damage. Here are the 6 abilities that will heal your pet. Only two can be used at a time. Slot 1 and Slot 2. You cannot change your 2 choices when you are in combat so choice wisely.

Construct Self Heals

The first two; Triggered Restoration and Triggered Rejuvenation are like mini re-actives. BTW, I put 5 points in Shadows tree, Enhanced Repairs. They make all of these abilities 20% better.

shaper I find in group setups the are really lacking to keep my pet fully healed. In solo they do fine to top of your pet. But remember your target or group need to be hit to trigger the heal. A bunch of small hits would be great, but we know that does not always happen.

Construct Regeneration and Quickened Regenerations are heals over time for your pet.

Essences Wave and Swift Aid are a direct heal, and health increase. Handy if your pet is in the red and you need to get them up quickly.

So what ones should you use? Remember you can only pick two. For hard hard fights, I find picking Construct Regeneration and Essence Weave make a good combo. Have Construct Regenerations running for 20 seconds, recast as needed, and cast Essence Weave if your pet needs to be topped off. Either way, if your pet is always red, you need more powerful heals so choice accordingly.

    SIDE NOTE: Jumping ahead to Slot 4-8

    Still having issues keeping your pet's health up? Check out Hidden Reserves. This is a always on ability that will burn some of your Dissonance, but will heal your pet. Also you can spec for Thir'Slaa's Shell. A Stone skin for your pet. And, Repair Overload, when you need your construct healed now, hit this then your repairs.  And in case you missed it, you can get two armor pieces for your pet that will heal heal it. Reptile helm, and Feline Shoulders.

Hidden Reserves Thir'Slaa'sShell RepairOverload

Slot 3, Emergency heals for your group:

Construct Heals

There they are. You get 3 of them, but can only pick one at a time. Put 5 points in Emergency Channels. reduction

This reduces the cost of Dissonance. With 5 you could cast two of these back to back if need by. See below.

Channeled Transference, Large group heal.

Truespirit Defiance, Large group reactive (50 triggers)

Siphoned Protection, Large Single Target ward, and Single Target heal. NOTE this one has a large ward that last 15 seconds, and a large heal.

Any one of these abilities will take about 1/2 of your Dissonance, and your pet needs to have 15% health or more. But they can also save your group. What is the best way to use these abilities? Well now is a great time to talk about... Gingivitis!! Errrr, not that but Dissipation.


What Dissipation is every second you will burn off 625 of your Dissonance as long as you are under 40% Dissonance. If your Dissonance is 40% to 80% your Dissipation is 375, if your Dissonance is 80% plus, its 250 Dissipation. So every second you get this amount returned to your Dissonance. Casting one of these emergency heals will use 4800 Dissonance, So if you maxed it out your Dissonance bat to 10,000, it would take you 16+ seconds to get it back down to 0. If one of these powerful heals takes 4800 Dissonance, you would need about 8+ seconds to get back down to zero. AOE's go off about every 30 seconds on average, so you should have no issues timing these heals. The group reactive is very powerful. 50 triggers, but you will need to time it correctly, it only last for 6 seconds. You could cast the major group heal, Channeled Transference once every 8 seconds, etc.

Cant wait for your Dissonance to tick down? We do get Dissipate (Shaper AA line, very first icon Dissipate). This will decrease dissonance by 3,000. But its on a long recast of 90s if you have 100% reuse. You can kick that up to 5000 if you take 10 points in Enhanced Dissipation in your Heroic line.

Still having issues with your Dissonance? In your Shaper line, spec for HighFrequency. This will increase the rate of Dissonance when above 40%.

Also under the Channeler tree, Technician will reduce the Dissonance generated by slot 1 and 2 by 10 % Technician

Now to the fun stuff. Enough healing my pet and healing the group....oh wait.. we have more healing/protecting abilities in these slots.

Slot 4-8; slot5-8

Heals/Protection choices. We have already talked about Hidden Reservers, Thir'Slaa's Shell and Repair Overload.

Interpose Redirect Always on Heal for the target of Construct's Interception or your group interception Overloaded Interception.

TruespiritRestoration Truespirit Restoration. Powerful single target HOT

ControlledBacklash Controlled Backlash. If someone dies, this will proc a 10 seconds 100% damage prevention on your group.

 BarrierofDissonance Barrier of Dissonance. This one is a little odd. Will absorb all damage when the amount is LESS then 15% of the target's max health. So this will absorb all of the small hits. Keep in mind if the tank has 1,000,000 Hit Points. This spell will absorb 150.000 and under hits coming in. Great if the tank is taking on a bunch of mobs doing small amounts of damage.

Bebuffs in Slot 4-8

AuraofCrippling Aura of Crippling. While this does not seem that exciting, if you do not have a brig in your raid, this will come in handy. Decreases mitigation of targets in Area of Effect vs noxious, elemental, physical and arcane damage by 1311. Its always on all of the mobs.

InterferingNoise Interfering Noise. Decreases AGI, INT, STR and WIS of target encounter by 379.5.

WeaponDissonance Weapon Dissonance. Decreases weapon damage bonus of target by 11.5. Not to be underestimated. If the tank is getting hammered by auto attacks, this debuff can come in very handy. Plus if you spec Disarming Arrows in Shadows - Channeler tree you could add another 2.5 to this total.

Other Slot 4-8

ChanneledEvacuation Channeled Evacuation. Now this could be fun. Pulls all non-fighters to you. Could come in handy if someone is stunned and cannot joust. You could pull them to you. Tired of scouts beating  you on the parse? Channeled Evacuation!!

 ChanneledCleansing Channeled Cleansing. This is our 2nd group cure. As a bonus it comes with increases power of target by 986 for each cure. Our built in group cure comes back in 10 seconds. All of the "Channeled" abilities tend to case faster, and are instant casing again. No cool down timers. But we need Dissonance available. Between these two, we should be able to keep a group fully cures by our selves.

Damage Slot 4-8

Now finally some damage spells! ConstructDamageSpells 1. Poison Bolt - Single target hit, Mist of Poison - Single target DOT, and Dissonant Decimation - AOE hit.

Most import thing? Make wise choices depending upon the fight. Keep your Construct healthy, and your Dissonance below 40%.


    3. AA choice and why - with screen shots

Link to spec for

Shaper Class AA.

Shaper has so many good things in it. Its hard to pick which one you should use and will be based upon your job in the raid. Lets be honest, you are there to heal. So lets talk about healing spec. If you want to DPS, go with the Strength and Agility line. They offer some really good DPS choices. This Healing spec is a beginning spec until you can control your Dissonance.


Important points:

Stamina line: Mainly to get High Frequency.

Wisdom line: Death save (Essence Revival) and procing heals on bow attacks (spiritual Arrows)

Intelligence line: Overloaded Interception. This is your group intercept as opposed to Construct's Interception (more about that coming up) which is single target. Must have if you are not in the main tanks group and will not be using Construct's Interception.

AFTER you get good enough, or lighter healing is required,  I would spec for this.



Channeler AA


Things not picked I do not see a use for in raids. Run speed, Enhanced: Shadow Bind, a bit more DPS with the two red attackers, etc. An argument could be made about Consume Construct. This will give you 25% power by taking 25% of your pets health. Maybe on a power draining fight this would come in handy.

Please note these two abilities: Personal AOE blockers

Personal AOE blockers: Use them when you need to. Both have longer recast and Shield of Blackwood IX only last 3 seconds, but if you time it correctly it could save you.

Shadows AA


Whats not to like about our Shadow line?

General line: More health and deity pets bonus

Priest line: DPS, and more physical mitigation added to Marisha Kur's Blessing

Shaper: From left to right: Reduce Dissonance cost on all DPS Conduits, 10 group Crit Bonus, Accuracy/Strikethrough of 15%, Slot1, and 2 construct heals are 10% more effective, reduce Dissonance of slot 3 (emergency heals), 25% AOE auto attack... and lets talk about Construct's Interception, the end line. First, if you are going to be with a tank or in the main tank group, put 10 points in your Heroic line for Reactionary Shaping. If your tank takes more then 40% damage in one hit this will reduce the damage by 50% for 6 seconds and it will come back faster. Its always on. If do not have a main tank then of course you will do Overloaded Interception which is your group wide intercept and you could spend those 10 points some place else.


Heroic AA


Dragon AA


Prestige AA


2nd Prestige AA


Class Focus


    4. Spells/combat arts discussion, basics on your stuff.

AoE combat arts


Single Target Attacks.


    5. Hot bar setup - with screen shots


    6. Raid buffs, Group buffs, and individual buffs and why you use them where.

Raid Buffs

Group Buffs

Individual Buffs

Buffs I put on people

Pre pull buffs
Temp Buffs
    7. Casting order of combat arts/spells
    8. Oh no buttons, when things go bad.
    9. Gear choices
  10. Adornment choices





   11. Deity/other items (mana stone, etc)

Mana stone of course, Steward's Cloak of Eternity, cure pots,


   12. Macros you use
    13. Useful tools you use (outside of game) - including download links

To me having this, ACT, and Raid hub are must haves.


   14. Videos of your character doing his/her job

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