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re: Paladin Guide


 Side note: I do invite other Pally's to throw in your advice.

  1. General information on class

The epitome of honor and valor, Paladins excel in martial combat while employing divine magic to enhance their abilities and strike down their enemies. By invoking both protective and healing magic, the Paladin can often survive battles that would crumble those of lesser resolve. Basically a paladin is a full tank, and part healer. They bring enough defensive ability to be close to the Guardians. Paladins also have a ton of AoE damage.

  1. Why pick your class over another

 If you want to play a toon that is the full package, play a Paladin. Solo zones are zero issues. And heroic zones can be done with one healer.

  1. AA choice and why - with screen shots 
      Link to spec for --> click Holypaladin

  2. Look for the Tanking Spec

Crusader AA


I will be honest. You can go a number of ways with this line. I wish I had more then 100 points to spend here.

   STR line

Faster Attack speed and a small hit. 17.6 DPS10% more hate10 reuse, 25% recovery, and 33 casting speed. 56% recover. So this line increases a ton of abilities.

  AGL line

Teleport and small hit. 40% AoE Auto Attack

   STA line

Small AoE hit. Crit chance. 5% Max Health with 10 points. Divine Aura. With points put into it (Sentry's Aura) and 10 points in Ancient Foucs - Dragon line You get 17 seconds of no damage (as long as its less then 50% of your health). For a defensive Pally this is a must have.

   Wis line

Skipped. Note, might need to take this for the no Fear ability

   INT line

Small hit. 12% more spell damage based upon your strength. 4% Doublecast!

End line: Returns a portion of the damage the group does as a heal to the crusader.


Paladin AA


Not going to list everything here. The ones with X through them do not take. You should already be at 100% reuse, so you will be wasting points if you spend them here.  A few notes: will turn your death save into something usable. Basically it gets rid of the stifle/daze if it triggers. If you remove everything that is useless, you can just about pick everything else in order to get all 4 Expertise abilities. They are from left to right; another heal, cure, Blue AoE, and more block chance.

Shadows AA


Again, the ones with the X in them are useless. An argument could be made for Battle Hardening being useless also. About 309 damage reduction is not that much. If you wanted to pick Swinging Strike I would understand.

  Sneering Assault, much needed Rescue.

Cavalier's Call, more damage. Weapon damage +25. Phalanx, 15% block chance. Aura of the Crusader. Cures just about anything on you even if you are under a control effect. 

bigger group heal. This heal comes back quickly. Regeneration ward, more STR and STA to Blessing of the Paladin. 10% strike through, plus other things.

The two end lines are a must have. Stonewall, blocks all Melee attacks. With Unyielding Faith (Prestige) and Ancient Focus this will last 12.8 seconds. And comes back in 45 seconds. Faithful Cry, our best single target hit.

Heroic AA


Again, Do not take the ones with the Red X in them, they are wasted if you have 100% reuse (which you should have)

more heal. enough said.

The second line pick Lightning Reflexes if you do not have 100% reuse. Other wise put points in the other two.

Really the only other choices in this line is and .

NOTE: Don't just save (Zealous Smite) for the cure, we have 2 others already. This is a massive Damage hit, one of our biggest. On my toon its 29,419 - 47,480 crushing damage on a group encounter. Recast is 30 seconds. Use it on your rotation to bring the smack down to groups.

Dragon AA


Well, honestly these are the points we have left to spend. We do have a lot of good things in the other lines.

elder line is for more health.

Dragon Roar line, a must have Ancient Focus makes everything last longer. In fact all tanks should have 10 points here.

Aggressor line, more damage to our taunts. If hate is not an issue I would put more points in the Elder line but I really like how fast our taunts come back. This pick is a little selfish of me. I should take Layered Scales to have more Mitigation to my armor.



Divine Knight's Armor. Turns our Devout Sacrament into a 13.2 seconds 35% damage reduction with a 45 second recast. So, don't save it as a heal, use it as a damage reducer on you. If we already have 5% because of our Knight's Stance, and 10% because of Marr's Favor (mythical) this means we are running around with 50% damage reduction on us when you cast Devout Sacrament.

Faith and  Faith's Aura is our reduce damage to Pally by 100% and reduce damage to group by 24%. This damage gets reflected back at the mob. This could be use as a death save for hard incoming AoE hits. You can also put rescrue on someone, this Faith and take a hit for them that will reflect the damage.

Stonewall with Unyielding Faith are the base of our defensive skills. If you are tanking they are a must have.

-----Better then stone skins. These abilities last the full timer, they cannot get used up like stone skins can.

Class Focus



  1. Spells/combat arts discussion, basics on your stuff.


Sneering Assault (3 positions) and Rescue (3 positions) just like all other tanks.

Holy Ground (1 position) and Sigil of Heroism. Ok not really a "snap" but it does transfer 36% of your groups threat to you.


AoE combat arts

We have a lot of them, eat your heart out Guardian!

Green AoE:

Group taunt and Decree and Don't forget Zealous Smite. Its NOT just a cure.

Blue AoE:

Castigate (also a cure) Ancient Wrath Doom JudgementHoly Circle Hammer Ground

NOTE Don't forget Holy Ground. If you cast Holy Ground yes it will trigger a Threat position. IF you are not the main tank just hit it before the mobs get within 10 meters. The best thing about Holy Ground is on ANY combat or spell hit you will do a threat increase AND diving damage. This last 14.3 seconds. So do the math. On group encounters hit Holy Ground, then run through all of your Green and Blue AoE' Your DPS will go way up. In groups I will cycle through Holy Ground and then Sigil of Heroism to help with Agro on the next pull. Holy Ground is your own personal Peace of Mind ability. It last 14.3 seconds and comes back in 45.. BAM! Bring the group mobs to me!


Single Target Attacks.

 We have about 13 of them. Some really good, others not so much. Faithful Cry is our best one. This should be running at all times.

Complete list here:

5. Hot bar setup - with screen shots



6. Group buffs and individual buffs and why you use them where.

Raid Armament (helps all but tank raid members with Vs Physical Damage)

Raid buff: post, wis, mit and increase heals

(AA) Battle Leadership Group. Increase Dis, Range, Slash, etc by 45.6

Divine Inspiration Group. Chance to proc damage

Self Buffs

Blessed Weapon Self. chance to proc damage

Blessing of the Paladin Self: STA, STR, small ward, mit.

Divine Favor Self. One trigger always on Death save

 Our Defensive stance: Knight's Stance. Offensive: Wrath Stance and Reckless

Marr's Favor. This is our mythical. Here is everything it does: A. Small damage proc, B. On spell cast has 15% chance to increase damage of spells up to 25% of our strength, last for 16.5 seconds. If we take damage, we heal 10% of that damage. Reduces physical damage done to us by 10%. So in Defensive stance we have an always on 15% physical Damage reduction, and a 10% damage is healed.

Buffs I put on people


Amends of course..46% threat transfer on the highest DPS'r in the group.

Resolute Faith Avoidance check.

  1. Pre pull buffs - And temp buffs

Heretic's Destruction when the mob gets placed. Increases Raid crit bonus and pot by 15%

  1. Casting order, combat arts/spells, temp buffs, and why

--Bow: After pre pull buffs I will typically use my Bow, unless I have to body pull.

As noted Holy Ground OR Sigil of Heroism. I alternate through them. One on one pull, one on the other.

If group, all my Green and then Blue AoE

If single All my Green then single taught, combat arts.

Rotation for Defensive stuff

Stonewall 12.8 seconds will be available in 32 seconds

--wait a few seconds - I will check my self ward Demonstration of Faith, if its still up I will pause longer.

Devout Sacrament 13.2 seconds available in 32 seconds

-- wait a few seconds

Faith 4 seconds (or save for incoming AoE's)

-- wait a few seconds

Stonewall 12.8 seconds will be available in 32 seconds

--wait a few seconds

Devout Sacrament 13.2 seconds available in 32 seconds

-- wait a few seconds

Divine Aura 11 seconds (longer recast on this one)

-- wait a few seconds

Stonewall 12.8 seconds will be available in 32 seconds

--wait a few seconds

Devout Sacrament 13.2 seconds available in 32 seconds

-- wait a few seconds

With this rotation you will be very well protected. You also have Holy Avenger and Sigil of Heroism and some of your combat arts will return a heal, and your other heals if everything is down.

Just with Stonewall and Devout Sacrament you are protected for about 26 seconds out of 45 seconds.

ALSO keep in mind after Devout Sacrament  hit Holy Aid, it has a 10% chance to reset Devout Sacrament. You still get the 35% damage reduction even if it resets.

  1. Oh no buttons, when things go bad.


  1. Gear choices

This was a hard one. For the new ToV Arcane/Potent gear I went with 5 items with health. And 2 for DPS. This seems to be a good balance. I focused on getting Reuse to 100% first. Then AoE to 100%


  1. Adornment choices


Crit chance to what you need to do the zone

STA Astral Adornment of Endurance on Head, Hands, Ear and Wrist if you can

DPS on Chest, and Waist

3% extra Riposte chance (Smoldering Adornement of Avoidance on Neck.. must have for all tanks

Other white I got just to top off any ability that need a few extra points.



Mostly DPS , AoE and Strike through. I would put priority in AoE up to 100%, then Strike through (100%) then DPS on what is left. For the chest piece you should get mit or block chance. I have yet to get that.

Best in class Purple adornment for weapon, cloak, etc.

1.Bolstered Endurance

2.Bolstered Attributes


4. Relentless Conviction 6% base more trigger chance on items and spells, and 5% physical Damage reduction. So add that with the above: always on 20% physical Damage reduction, and a 10% damage is healed.

With these 3 and potent/raid gear I am sitting at 750K health.


  1. Deity/other items (mana stone, etc)

I went with Bristlebane for the you cant kill me ability

Mana stone of course, Steward's Cloak of Eternity, cure pots,

Master 2 choice should be Consecrate


  1. Macros you use



  1. Useful tools you use (outside of game) - including download links

DragowulfUI SpellTimer is a must have for me. With out it I could not seen when stonewall, etc are down. To me having this, ACT, and Raid hub are must haves.


15. Videos of your character doing his/her job

 Coming soon


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re: Paladin Guide


updated, forgot marr's favor mythical buff.

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