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re: BGA Raiding Rules



(Updated May 15th, 2018)

RAIDING WITH GRENRICK'S GUIDANCE - Butcherblock Guild Alliance

Hello everyone, this page is to explain how we do raids in Grenrick's Guidance, including the BGA (Butcherblock Guild Alliance) raids. This includes how we do loot, our point system, tracking system, etc.


What raids to we host?

Grenricks host 2 raids.

Schedule Raid Times: Friday 6:30PM - 8:30PM PST and Sunday 12:00AM - 3:00PM PST

Level range for Scheduled raids is 110

NOTE: Other guilds can host their own BGA Raids. You must follow there rules and guidelines.

One rule of BGA is no guild will ever ask another guild member of our alliance to join there guild.


General notes about GG Scheduled Raids.

1. All loot is set for leader only loot.

2. This web site tracks all raids, raid participants, loot, points spent, and points earned.

3. Your current points are under Rapid Raid, Leader boards.

4. Your attendance, items you have won, and raids you have been in are under User profile.

5. To bid on items, you need to type the bid in Raid chat.

6. Max point bid is 25 points. If two or more players bid 25, a random 100 happens. Highest role wins.

7. You can only bid on items that your character can use. (Unless no one wants it then it goes to alts)

8. You can only win one item per raid, (unless you are the only one that can use it)

9. Arrive 15 minutes before the raid is schedule to start.

10. The meeting place for raids is in the Raid Room that is located in Grenrick's guildhall.


Who gets the loot? Please type the following when you bid in raid chat.

1. (1-Main) Main's always get first pick of loot.

2. (2 box) If not main can user it, it will go to Twobox/Backup toon.

3. (3 Alt set) 3rd roll is 2nd set of gear

4. (4 Alt) Level 110 alt that you Play.


Class specific loot

Gear that designed for specific classes. . This includes all gear, adornments, infusers; etc. The following loot falls under this guide.

Anything that has the following stats will go to tanks classes first. Mitigation, Block chance, Extra parry/riposte/dodge, hate, aggression, stone skin effect, death prevent including Orange/white/etc adornment that has mitigation on it. This includes if the end benefit has mitigation on it.

Anything that has a “proc” that is more beneficial to a specific class will go to that class. For example, if an item will “proc” on a heal or ward, it will be offered to healers first.

If an item increases an Ascension, that will go to the person who uses that ascension during raid. Just because you also have, that ascension does not mean you run that ascension in raids. 


Earning Raid Points

5 point awarded per raid.


Items that raiders cannot use

If an item drops that no one can use, this item will go to the raid leader to be transmuted, salvaged or given away. If transmuted, at the end of the raid everyone who has not won an item will random 100 for it.


Bonus books

Being loyal has its advantage. If you have extra raid points, you can request a bonus book. Bonus books add to your /random 100 roll. You can only use on bonus book per raid, and they do not "add" together.

100 raid points can be traded in for a 10-point bonus book

NOTE: You can also earn bonus books the following ways.

#1. Invite a new player and you will get a 50-point bonus book as long as they make 10 raids.

#2. Create a Class guide on this web site and earn a 50-point bonus book

#3. As a raid leader, if I see someone going beyond to help the raid I will awarded a bonus book.


RAID SCHEDULE and different raids we host

Scheduled raids:

• Name: Level 110 Raid

• Level: 110

• Time: Friday 6:30 - 8:30 PM PST and Sunday at 12:00 AM - 3:00 PM PST

• Raid Leader:  Holyguardian

• Size: 24 players

• Meeting place: Guild Hall Raid Room.

• 45 million Health, 440,000 resists, and resolve of 1500 self-buff.

This raid is an Alliance Raid, where we join forces with our BGA members from other guild or members that have no guild alliance.

We will take characters for optimal raid success. For example, if we need a plate healer for the raid, then the raid leader may invite that player-class over another type of class that wants to join. Our typical build is 2-3 Tanks, 6-8 healers, 1-2 power regen followed by support and DPS.

Membership Requirements

Members are required to make 80% of these raids.

Players will keep their raid toon unlocked on

Members must be active in improving their toons outside of the normal raids.



Please note. You must sign up for any of these raids to earn any points. If you do not sign up on this web site, you will not earn any points for that raid.

We also use Raid Hub during raids. This software is mandatory. Please refer to the instructions here: to download and install it. Guild ID: 48536. Ask Holyguardian for a login and password.


Your Toon and what the raid needs

Everyone wants to be a hero. Everyone wants to see their name up on lights on the DPS parse. To make a raid work, this cannot happen. Bringing 24 DPS classes and no healers do not make for a happy raid or a successful one. We try our hardest to have everyone play what toon he or she wants to play. However, when push comes to shove what is best for the raid is more important than the toon you want to play. This is a fact and if you cannot be flexible enough to realize this fact, I would suggest looking for another raid force that is looking for your class.


Breaks and on leave

Stuff happens in life. This raid force regards loyalty more than anything else. Those needing a break do to serving in the military, medical reasons; job change, etc. will get it. Your spot will be here when you get back. It will be as you never left.

If you decide to take a break because you need a break that is no problem. We all need to take a break sometimes. Breaks are typically 2 weeks.  

If you decide to leave just because or choice to join another raid force. You will lose all raid points.

To request an official leave you must send me Holyguardian. You do not have to go into details if you do not want too, but you need to talk with me.



One issue this raid force has is people that show up with sub-par gear and they want to raid with us. We are generous to a fault, but there has to be a limit. We are not hard-core when it comes to raiding, but we also need a balance. If you are not helping the raid because you are going down every other AOE or you are not doing your job, then that is an issue. If your gear is not good enough and you are missing a ton of adornments this tells me that you really do not care about helping the raid and you are just here for gear. Ask not what the raid can do for your, ask what you can do for the raid.


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me, Holyguardian


Basic questions and answers

Question: How do you invite people to raids?

Answer: I invite based on these 3 things. #1. What is best for the raid? #2 Performances. #3 Loyalties.

#1. What is best for the raid is simple. If you are a class, we need to make the raid happen you will get a spot. This is my first thinking when I am going through sign-ups on the website. About 2 hours before the raid I assign people their spots for the raid coming up.

#2 and #3 hold about the same weight. If your performance is high, and you are loyal, you will get in. If your performance is low, but your loyalty is high, the one with performance and loyalty will be picked before you. If your performance is high, but loyalty is low, I will pick high performance and loyalty, and I would pick low performance and loyalty over you

A- Picked 1st. High performance, high loyalty.

B- Picked 2nd. Medium performance, high loyalty.

C- Picked 3rd. high performance, low loyalty.

D- Picked 4th. Medium performance, low loyalty.

E- Picked 5th. Low performance, high loyalty

F- Picked 6th. Really low performance, low loyalty

Samples #1: If you are the highest DPS toon we have ever seen but you only show up once in a while when you feel like it. You are C.

Sample #2. If I have 4 DPS toons show up for a raid. In addition, their loyalty is equal (they have all been showing up for over 6 months). I would then look at their performance. If ranger #1 is 800K, ranger #2 is 700K, wizard #3 is 600K, and Warlock #4 is 500K. They all do well in other areas. If I only have 3 spots left and we are not fighting a target that needs more or less scout or mage DPS the choice will be easy. #1 ranger, #2 ranger, and #3 wizard. Now if the target requires more mage DPS the #4 warlock will be picked over the ranger #2.

NOTE: Performance is not just DPS. If you come, as a dirge and refuse to raise people, or you are a tank and do not know your role in the raid, or you are a power regen and your group is always out of power to me your performance is low.

Other things

Keep in mind I am the raid leader. I will not take people arguing in the raid. If you have a beef with someone or me talk to me after the raid.

I have the final say. Yep, it is my job to say we are doing this and that when it comes to mobs, raids, pulling spots, etc. If I am stuck, I will ask for help. I am not perfect.

EQ2wire unlocked. I have thought about this a lot over the years. If you want to keep your toon locked on please find another raid force to raid with. I as a raid leader need access to your character so I can plan raids and strategies. If you have your account locked, I cannot do this. If the same class is not, as good as you are and I want a reference of a spec that I can show them, I need to be able to show them. If you hide your account, I cannot do this. Sorry I am not playing this game of, "Just send me a tell Holyguardian and I will unlock my account for you, then lock it back after you have looked" I do not have time for that. Bottom line you want to keep what you do a secret? Raid somewhere else.

As always, feel free to post your comments. BGA is doing great! We will continue to do well. I thank everyone for being a part of this Alliance of Guilds.




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re: Chaos Descending update coming soon


This will be updated shortly do to Chaos Descending coming out.

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